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nova • orthotec | ORTHOPÄDIE MANUFAKTUR | Ralph Seefeld

Willkommen bei der nova-orthotec Manufaktur für Orthopädie in Berlin. Auf den folgenden Seiten zeigen wir Euch, was Euch bei uns erwartet, wer wir sind, warum wir tun was wir tun - und warum unsere maßangefertigten Orthesen, Fuß- und Handschienen für Kinder und Erwachsene etwas ganz Besonderes sind.




Our orthoses are made of many components, individually and by hand down to the smallest detail.

See a few of our product examples below:

Ralph Seefeld Orthese ©2015

Nancy Hylton OrthesES – 

an American physiotherapist turned the world of orthotics on its head in the 1990s. Today, her ideas for tailor made manufacturing are a central aspect of the world of ortheses - and a very important foundation of our work.

LOWER LIMB / Thigh OrtheseS

This lower limb / thigh orthosis has a powerfull extension force – and an innovative extension with easy-to-use insertion mechanism*:
The thigh orthosis can be put on and taken off within a very short time - even while sitting or lying down.
This makes it easier and faster to stand up with optimal straightening and correction of the entire leg. The lower limb / thigh orthosis is easy to use,
cosmetically unobtrusive and avoids "everyday problems". 


* made with orthotic system knee joint; Neuroswing ankle joint

Lower limb / thigh orthosis – made with a Neuroswing ankle joint (Fior & Gentz)
adjustable flexibility and force.



Thigh orthosis for an active straightening using the extension of the knees.

Very flexible and combinable upper / lower limb orthosis with removable thigh part and ankle joint of Neuro Swing, which has a lockable knee joint and an adjustable "Swiss lock". It can be extended with a gas pressure spring to compensate deficits.

Our products help you to get back on your feet.

Foot-orthesis with a dynamic carbon suspension.


Lower leg orthosis with a removable, washable inner lining.



Lower leg orthosis with a partly movable orthotic ankle joint – the use of the lower leg orthosis support prevents the foot from caving into talipes equinus position and allows rolling movements Vents, robsut and durable closures.


Lower leg orthosis with carbon suspension and supporting ventral knee-system.


Flexible hip abduction ortheses to adjust the hip joint in case of imminent ligature.



Forearm/hand orthosis (splint) made of particularly flexible materials, such as silicone, rubber, leather. Very comfortable to wear.